Vaagdevi Drug Information Centre

With rapid advancement in medical and biological science, huge information about drugs and diseases has emerged out. Many medical and paramedical personnel find difficulty to access and keeping abreast of this vast information. Information regarding the mechanism of action, drug interactions, contraindication and adverse drug reaction are highly sought by these information seekers at a very fast rate. At the juncture of urgent need, one can’t be searching for resources of drug information, which might end futile. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good drug information cell with authentic sources to supply the necessary details about drugs and optimal therapy.

Keeping this view, and even such information source is lacking in Telengana region of A.P, Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy has established a “DRUG INFORMATION CENTRE” in 2009 at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGMH), Warangal, as a part of the Department of Pharmacy Practice. It provides accurate, current unbiased information to all the health Care professionals and also to the general public for the promotion of rational drug therapy. The centre also provides relevant information to physician and faculty of the medical academy on evidence based medicine at their request.

The centre is well equipped with trained staffs and a library consisting text books, national and international journals, computers with internet facility along with electronic data base such as LEXICOMP.

The centre remains as a useful resource for health care professionals and for the general public in the Telengana region.

With this success, the college has started one more drug information centre at Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy, main campus, Ram Nagar, on 25th September 2013, in order to the extend the pharmacists service to the nation.

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